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Freeze the moment, and start living. 


Inspirited by the versatility of concrete,

Freeze has evolved into a variety of forms - concrete workshop,

lifestyle store, coffee corner and interior design

- all within our compact studio.


We hope to bring textures to everyday life through authentic designs

and curated products, and inspire you to look at life in a fonder light.





我們希望透過各種風格提案,令忙碌的城市人能重新感受生活 – 






salmon_工作區域 1.jpg

Salmon spend their last stage of life returning to their place of origin, battling against strong currents with all their might and determination to reach the final goal. Perhaps this is how life should be. Living as a hongkonger has been difficult, and being a creator in HK requires even more courage. The courage to give up a stable job, to sacrifice valuable time, and to ignore other’s expectations. Nonetheless, it is certain that with dedication and passion, we will continue to do the right thing and pursue our dreams. Our salmon represent those who are trying hard to pursue their dreams.


三文魚一生拼命地逆流衝上,即使遍體鱗傷、走得很遠、哪怕拼盡最後一口氣 都勇往向前;但當成功躍上同時是迎接死亡的來臨,然而它們仍向著目標前進,而生命亦理應如此。 做香港人很難,在香港做創作更加難。 放棄穩定的職業,放棄買樓的機會,放棄寶貴的時間,放棄玩樂, 放棄一切,堅持做一件認為對的事。 三文魚人逆流衝上代表著所有努力奔向夢想的人 ,亦都可以代表一直堅持既香港人。 共勉之。

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