Living in a city where we work blindly to survive, our dreams in time would have been erased. No longer thinking, we will soon become empty.

While living a seemingly ordinary life, we continue to pursue their own quality of life. Water and sand have their own strengths, the combination of the two becomes a building that forms a "concrete jungle."

We use concrete with different elements to create a new cement style. And focus the texture of a product that can bring out the lifestyle.

We design different products to give attitude to the bosom friend.

Freeze lifestyle was founded by Maggie Ho & Scarlett Chan.

活在這個城市中,盲目地工作,在社會生存久了,夢想 都被磨滅,不再思考,活像個植物人。


而水和泥各有所長,兩者的結合變成一棟棟建 築物,形成『石屎森林』.

Freeze以水泥為題材加入不同元素,打造出嶄新的水泥 風格. 在家品和空間設計上,著重產品的質感和帶出生活品味 ,為伱們家中的選物增添多一個選擇。